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​一色 美和(いっしき みわ)

中学時代から新体操、モダンダンス等を習う。 テレビ愛媛アナウンサー時代にフラメンコに出会い、加地恵理に師事。同舞踊団員として様々なステージに立つ。 2005年渡西。フラメンコの本場、セビリアにてコンチャ・バルガス、ソラジャ・クラビホ、マヌエル・ベタンソ等、名だたる踊り手に師事。 その後、15年に渡り、東京・神戸・大阪・四国などでライブ活動を行いながら、研鑽を積む。伝え手としてのノウハウも活かし、分かりやすく、きめ細やかな指導を行っている。


Miwa Isshiki’s dance career began when she was a junior high school student. She first started training as a rhythmic gymnast and a modern dancer. It was when she was working as a broadcaster at the Ehime Broadcasting Co., Ltd., she discovered flamenco and fell in love with it. She studied Flamenco and performed in various events under Eri Kaji, who is a renowned Flamenco dancer in Japan. 

In 2005, Miwa stayed in Sevilla, the home of Flamenco, to study under Concha Vargas, Soraya Clavijo, Manuel Betanzo, and other professional dancers. For over 15 years, she studied and performed mainly in Tokyo, Kobe, Osaka, and Shikoku. In October 2018, she launched Miwa Isshiki Flamenco Studio GRACIA, where she teaches Flamenco in an easy-to-understand and detailed manner, using her expertise as a professional dancer.

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